Innocent fun times

Photography and traveling… they go together like Tom and Jerry (classic!). So when my friend, Beth, suggested an Interrail Trip in the summer of 2011, the obvious answer was HELL YEAH! Both being architecture students, we thought that a focus on hidden architectural sites in well known cities would be the perfect approach to our summer getaway trip. Little did we know tat this kind of trips need accurate planning and commitment.


So we’ve got two irresponsible day dreamers setting off on a Europe-wide adventure… What we managed to see was amazing, too bad our lack of planning skills led to having to resume our trip to 3 main countries: Amsterdam, France and Spain. We started off with Amsterdam then worked our way down to Spain.

Backpacking through Europe is not as easy as they say. We encountered all sorts of missions and not-so-funny-at-that-time adventures : almost flipping over on the highway, close to missing our Paris-Barcelona night train, finding out that the hostel we were meant to stay at is nowhere near where it should have been and not finding a hostel at all are just parts of the fun stories that conclud our little trip.

All in all, Interrailing is someone everyone needs to experience! But take some advice from us guys: PLAN IT ACCURATELY IN ADVANCE!!

You can find a short photo journal of this trip on Behance.


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