**** just got real

Have you ever experienced one of those rear moments when you realize that life just got real and you have to make a decision that is probably going to stick with you for the rest of your life? Well….I just have..Namely: 3rd year Comprehensive Design Project.

As some of you may know, the 3rd year of a Ba(Hons) Architecture Degree consists of a project that lasts for pretty much the whole length of the year. Students need to decide on a ‘topic’ that shall be discussed, analyzed and stressed throughout the project. As if the decision is not hard enough, the voice in the back of our heads that keeps asking ‘is it good enough? will it be innovative  is it to general? are you sure you want to go with this? ‘ isn’t helping our confidence either.

So after two weeks of research I have decided (or have I…) to go with a project based on Psychical and Physical Social Divisions in Leeds, looking not only at today’s fractured society but also at the scars left by a continuously developing city (tried to make it sounds brainy, hope I succeeded).


Translation needed? O.K….here it goes: all living organism are subject to the passing of time, time that leaves behind scares, wrinkles, memories. Well a city is as much as a living organism as humans are so it is only obvious that it will be subject to this time-continuous. Medicine has invented scar-removing surgery so I shall try and find a cure for the scars present in the cities’ body.


Wish me luck guys!


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