design project

Dear reader, as you have probably read in my previous posts, 3rd year is a pain: I enjoy every second of it, although am not sure what a social life is anymore (ok, maybe post-crit week wasn’t so bad because my friends and I did get to enjoy a couple of relaxing evenings somewhere other then the studio).

However, design-related work seems to be going decently. This week we had our first crit (crit: substantive, presentation of design work) of the year. The idea of my project is slowly coming together. Using Leeds and its rich industrial history as a starting point, the concept of change caused by time was embedded in the fabric of the city. I have divided Leeds into quarters taking account of their use in time. These wuarters interact, influencing each other in assuring the constant development of the city (like cogs in a clock work together in making it work). This metaphor of ‘the clock’ will create the lait motif of my project.


There is still more to come!!! (….much more)

You can see my work on Behance. Comments are more then welcome.


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