inspiration alert!

It must have happened to everyone at least once in their lives (or twice..maybe more but for the sake of  keeping a high profile we shall assume it is not very often that this happens) to fall into a void of inspirational block. If you’re doing an art degree and creativity is a must for every little project that you have to embrace, it’s pretty plausible that at one point during your studies you will find yourself steering into a world of silence in which the only moving elements are the flies that are taking over your brain.

But not to worry! Some smart people out there have come up with ingenious ways to boost your imagination either by revealing work that inspires you, or by uncovering talented artists whose work you’re bound to be jealous of, hence motivating you to get your cogs buzzing (and feel sorry for yourself at the same time). Here is a list of sites that might come in handy when you’re lacking inspiration


If you are an architecture student, such as myself, these following blogs might be pretty helpful (click them):


or, if you are into the same sort of style I am, you could just follow myself (I do tend to reblog/post/pin quite a bit)


Hope you find these links helpful and keep reading!


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