To metaphor or not to metaphor…

As a student studying any design related course, the importance of conceptual design, derived from a certain reality yet interpreted in an innovative manner, is something that we need to stress on a daily basis.

I don’t know about others, but sometimes the extent to which this metaphor should expand within a design remains an enigma for myself. When can one say STOP, when does this deeper meaning become no more then a kitsch manifest, understood and appreciated only by its creator?


The truth stands at a crossroads… the metaphoric architectural interpretation of a building depends on the knowledge and sensitivity of the person that experiences this place. Some might feel its sensorial and visual manifestation beyond the obvious, and some-less perceptive of such implementations ( not saying these people are retards, don’t get me wrong 😛 ); remain oblivious to the world beyond physicality.

This thought came to me while struggling with my final year project. As site analysis and concept development have been reduced to a 3-4 week process in previous years, I have not fully comprehended the magnitude of architectural metaphors..of course I have encompassed quite a few in my previous projects ( check out the link attached to the image above to see an example of such development -> Second year project ), yet the time allocated towards debating these interpretation did not allow me to stress beyond the obvious.

Therefore…with 10 weeks of my degree to go..I still find myself dwelling upon the meaning of every angle, material, texture, path while shadowing the engineering side of architecture….have I gone crazy? Or am I within normal parameters for an aspiring architect?


One thought on “To metaphor or not to metaphor…

  1. tatiana dinescu says:

    Please be original , but not very , be natural ! Stii cum se spune in moda : sa fii natural atunci cand te imbraci , nu sa te “deghizezi ” ;)) be kinde , be smart, be beautifull !!!!

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