one step at a time

Hey everyone,

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but maaaan what a crazy period it’s been! Butno worries, I’m back now in case anyone’s missed me ( with new sleeping resources as I’ve pretty much slept my way through the last couple of weeks, post crit rehab if you know what I mean).

So the first order of business is to update you guys on my online portfolio to which I have added the last piece of my 3rd year project (BTW, I’m a proud BA(Hons) Architecture graduate with a First Class Degree- needed to brag, sorry).

See! here I am at the end of the year show!


So, back to business. If you’ve read my previous posts you pretty much know what my project is about. For those of you who don’t (how dare you!! …only joking) I’ll quickly fill you in. Basically the project is about an intervention in the Little London district, Leeds, UK; which which functions as a catalyst between the old industrial inheritance of the city and the new user – represented by the fancy dressed people in the economical quarters of the city, and the lazy arse students which fill up the academic quarters designed by the University of Leeds and Leeds Met.

So far I’ve spoken about the concept, the process, the interrelationships that lead to the creation of this intervention, but not the intervention as such. The venue that represents the nucleus of the intervention carries the function of an Industrial Museum, alongside Art Galleries and an Atelier for those passionate of the Steampunk modern art current (click here for further details).  However, today I will explain why the building ended up looking like it did, as briefly as I can.

The exterior, as well as the interior, exhibit a vernacular approach to the scheme. The window orientation and shape for example, resembles the already existing (but ware down) constructions  present on the site. However, I have added a modern twist, by implementing long vertical windows displayed in the same pattern as that specific to old Victorian Industrial buildings.

The images below show diagrams of other elements taken into consideration while dwelling upon the form and shape of the proposal. Such elements like the

– unevenly distributed floor heights (- specific again to Victorian Industrial Architecture), with a hight raised ground floor, however each of the following storeys gradually decreasing in height;

– the multiple component of a industrial complex ( – specific to Industrial Architecture);

– as well as the shape of the roof which again resembles that of Industrial Victorian Architecture (pff, getting a bit redundant here at the end with my ‘Victorian Industrial Architecture’).


Therefore I have ended up with facades looking like the one in the following image:

(you can check the other elevations out by clicking here )

The morphological layout of the complex (plan of the complex in simpler words) is also a result of site analysis including access routes, human flow, light orientation which I will retain from explaining here, however if you feel the need of an explanation, feel free to ask and I will include it in one of my future posts.


Therefore the proposed complex shall englobe 2 venues:
– a main building having two separate wings united through a ‘Hall of Remembrance’, enclosure commemorating the fracture observed in the city fabric between the old and the new; while the wings represent a metaphor of the old – industrial museum and the new – the art galleries, connected through this hall;

– an adjacent workshop dedicated to those artist that want to use old materials that carry a resonance of the industrial past, in creating modern art which will therefore be exposed in the galleries of the main building.

So….this is pretty much the work I have done this year and the conclusion I’ve reached after endless working nights, horrid break downs which involved screaming for my mummy and not to forget, a hand full of great people that were supportive and encouraged me to go all in (while they were screaming for their mum’s in the next room).

If you want to see the whole building just check my online portfolio here.

Hope you guys have an awesome summer!



8 thoughts on “one step at a time

  1. Reza says:

    That’s awesome monochrome by the way. That you create the procces such video on youtube to layering the ground floor? That was very helping to another people for making tis happening:)

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