The road to El…Final Pin-up

Hey guys!

Let me see… if my calculations are correct your final pin-ups and crits are right around the corner, so I thought some of you could do with some words of advice from someone who’s recently been there and done that.

My room
My room

I remember this time last year like a dream, and I ain’t kidding when I say dream as sleeping hours were pretty much non-existent and I often found myself waking up at my desk after a two hour nap, sadly realising I’ve only been dreaming I’ve been doing work when instead I’ve been drooling all over my laptop (nice visual, huh?!).

Right, enough about me, let’s talk about you. From my colleagues ( Hey guyss!! ) and my experience last year, I’m pretty sure that you’re right about the DOUBT-y stage of your projects at this time. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us (I can rightfully name at least 3 people who called their mums this time last year asking if mummy is still going to love them if they fail the year – me included but this is confidential information, UNDERSTAND?!@#$). The thing is guys, you are at the stage where everything you see, hear or read about seems better then what you’ve already got, so you tend to try and englobe last minute details on your proposals, or completely change your presentation graphics because of one archi drawing you’ve seen on the BIG website. Truly speaking however, this is probably not the case. SO do restrain from having a sneak peak on PinterestTumblrArchDailyDeZeen ( and the list goes on ) for inspiration, and just go forward with what you’ve already got.

Myself and my room at DOUBT-y stage
Myself and my room at DOUBT-y PANIC-y stage

Therefore, please hold back on clicking on the links provided above and concentrate on not falling asleep while working on your oh so wonderful ideas that you already have. Otherwise, your tutor will probably find you sleeping on his office doorstep and send you to bed himself ( hey Nick! yeah I’m talking about you…funny moments).

Anywho, I hope this advice helps you calm down a little, otherwise you’re just about to realise you’ve spent 10 minutes reading this instead of doing actual work (oooopsy :O)

Oh and please remember, the links provided above are only for those of you who don’t have a deadline coming up!

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects on Behance when you’re done!



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