Uuuu, what does this button do?!

Hey guys,

Firstly, I’ve got to say…I’ve seen some of the photos from the final week mayhem – yeah I’m talking about all you 3rd year readers – … ever so funny (wasn’t that funny when it was me in that situation)!! But it’ll be all over soon and this little post right here is going to talk about a cute place where you can chill and have a nap in the sun without getting a sun burn (like I did this Sunday, but totally worth it muhahah).

So, as the hot summery days are getting closer and closer and with it being to hot to do anything productive during the day, we decide to go for a lazy midday (rented)bike ride through shady-old Herastrau Park. However, our arrival in Herastrau has been delayed due to some very important protocol activities such as hair straightening, teeth brushing, power napping therefore leaving us bike-less. No worries though, we’ve got two legs that we were more then happy to use in exploring anything as long as it was in the shade.

Personally wasn’t expecting anything much from this little journey of ours, I was just happy to burn off some calories so I can dig into a nomy strawberry cheesecake as soon as I got back. However, you can imagine my surprise when we came across this little slice of happiness.

Herastrau ray of sunshine
Although I am proud to be Romanian, I do believe that indolence hovers over this country. But here, in this place here, I have seen more freedom, more initiative, more hope then any politician with his or her big speeches can provide me with. Although a little bit of a cliché as we have all seen this type of installation before (probably to often), I was surprised to come across an initiative such as this one in Bucharest. This is not because people here lack inspiration, creativity or determination, but because people here posses knavery, paranoia (not talking about the illness here guys) but most of all the wish of gaining on-the-spot profit (sorry, I just need to underline here the fact that nowadays we live in a world where we get charged even for checking your bank balance…da**k?!?). Therefore, to see a place like this, where people of all sorts, of different financial statuses, of different social classes, can all appreciate the beauty of nature without any economic implication came as a indescribable pleasant surprise to me. 

Nonetheless, with the risk of sounding like a big cry baby, I am not going to deny the fact that seeing a place such as this one, visually filled with a rainbow of happiness, melodiously enchanted with suave ambiental tunes, yep Mr. music was present there too (it may or may not have been commercial music for all you haters out there, but let’s not be picky with our music now…give these people some credit!!) just brought tears of joy to my eyes. Naive as I might be, and basic as  it is, this place has impressed the redness out of me (your can actually see it on my skin and dare I say: OUCH). 


To conclude: I warmly thank the people who fought (’cause I’m sure they needed to fight) to set up this place, great initiative, great atmosphere…just GREAT! So all you lazy Bucharest-ners get your groove on and go enjoy this cute slice of colourfulness.

Until next time,
Cals 🙂

P.S. Although this post might have been a tiny bit off topic, I just couldn’t help myself…so easily impressed.


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