when you need to spice things up…

Hey there you beautiful people,

It’s been a [very] long while since my last post, but those of you who follow my work on Behance might already know I’ve changed my post code since last autumn. And what an adventure that has been! I’ve started a very unique masters degree at Aalborg University in Denmark, and had a fun internship at POLYFORM ARKITEKTER in Copenhagen [great office so make sure you click on the link to check them out].

Hence, this post is going to talk a little bit about changes. Either under the academic cloak or the more socially oriented skirt, every creative reaches a point where he/she needs to challenge oneself in order to learn more about who they are and who they want to be. In this sense, the Nordic realm has offered me something that I have never thought I will master [I probably don’t master it yet, regardless I will still use the term for dramatic effect]: tranquility. Ironically [as Denmark is known for its vicious Vikings] the qualities upraised by this culture are of such simple and pure nature, that you can nothing but embrace their way of life. This harmony is reflected in their design, which focuses on simplicity, clarity and empathy towards the human condition.

And speaking about design…during my first year of Masters I had the unique opportunity to be part of an Exhibition Design team for the Utzon Centre in Aalborg, putting together an exhibition focused on the perception of Architecture as Furniture…known in the ‘hood’ as FURNITECTURE… And here comes the part where I justify the title of this article. As most of you have probably experienced already, architecture is a cluster of events. One cannot limit architecture to pure building design, construction technology or volumetric composition. In order to understand what architecture is, one must ‘spice things up’ flirting with the intricate systems of many of architecture’s counterparts. You need to be curious, ask questions, doubt everything and take nothing for granted if what you, as an architect[ure student] wish to achieve is more then just a functional space.



In this sense, the previously mentioned project has taught me how to think of a design from more then the architect[ure student]’s perspective [it also taught me ahow to push a trolley filled with MDF boards down the fjord as fast as possible…without falling in the fjord or getting caught, but that’s probably a story I should not share so publicly]. Architecture is for everyone, therefore it should be clear enough for everyone to understand, yet striking enough to trigger curiosity. From a 7 year old and up to a grandpa that owns a proud beerbelly and plays chess in the park, everyone should be able to relate to architecture, and should be able to understand the phenomenological experience of the place that you create.

Having said these, as a note for you young creatives: don’t limit yourself to your specific field, try to challenge yourself on a daily basis, try to question what you are doing and why you are doing it. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fine while doing it! 🙂

If you want to see more photos of the final exhibition, make sure to check my Behance portfolio.

Until next time,

Oh, and if you’re interesting in spicing things up in the architecture department, check out this summer workshop in Italy -> CLICK, great people, great experience, great food…what more can you ask for?!


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