Let’s get jiggy with it

After a fair share of sleepless nights, last minute submissions, stitched [and sticked] fingers the big moment has arrived: master thesis.

Although you plan this moment for quite some time, when it comes down to actually choosing the topic of your research … well … it can be quite tricky. But all is good when you have a little, blonde, well put together group mate that takes on responsibility and finds a very interesting starting point for the research: National Gallery of Art in Greenland?! [Hi Inger, Yes it’s you I’m referring to]

But when given the chance of looking into such a unique culture…why not try to understand them more, why not challenge the existing brief and try to appeal to the local community and their traditions?! [well probably because you would get more hours of normal life if you don’t, but where’s the fun in that, right?!]. So that’s exactly what we did. We challenged our knowledge about the culture, researched the settlement both in terms of societal change and environmental involvement. WHAT A WORLD! So unique, so raw…yet so charming!!

Now… where do we start?! In this particular case, we’ve started by looking at the site and what it has to offer. The main approach to the site goes through a quite dense [by Greenlandic terms] residential area, with typical Greenlandic houses on one side, and big ‘communist’ type buildings on the other. However, the experience you get focuses on something quite different. You don’t really notice the architecture that surrounds you, because your attention is absorbed by the linearity of the road you’re following.

The site.jpg

It can almost be perceived as a natural built up towards something. We could dreamly find ourselves in our favourite novel … feeling the reverberance of something big that is about to happen. So why not continue telling this story of the place? Why not look at this as an opportunity to give something back to the community? To tell the story of the site, of the people? Can we use our proposal as the climax point in this entire narrative? Might sound a bit poetic…but we have really fallen for this story :P.

Story line.jpg

Therefore, so far, we’ve got our concept in place…only thing left to do now is start the actual design…MY PRECIOUSSSS ❤

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t be shy to drop a line when you think I’ve lost it [yes, I am using pink, no, it’s not because I’ve lost it].

Until next time peeps 🙂


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