When in doubt: have a break…have a kitkat

Hey guys!

These days I was looking back and thinking about the reasons behind starting this blog. I started it during my Bachelor Thesis, partly because it helped me align my chaotic thoughts, by having to share my work with more then just some stuffed animals I had laying around my room [yes, yes, I’m such a girl]. 

The initial drive was that through sharing both my projects and my so called ‘experiences’ I could put perspective the crazy roller coaster ride an architecture frantic is enjoying. However, I realised I forgot to share with you the fragment of the ride called ‘I want my mummy’.

Let’s take it from the start…everyone knows that when a tiny human doesn’t get the sleep and nom-nom it needs, it unleashes sounds that you wouldn’t believe tiny little creature is capable of. Well…the architecture student is a type of baby as well… si if you do an analogy you can picture the scene. After being sleep deprived and pretty high on chocolate, your mind goes crazy… you aren’t able to see the beauty of your own work, you become a grumpy bastard, and you call your mum at 4 in the morning asking if she’s going to give you up for adoption if you fail the course [ah… 3rd year of bachelor…great memories 😛 ]. But don’t despair young padawan…it happens to the best of us [ just to give some numbers, probably to about 75% of architecture students]. What you need to remember is that you are in it for the fun, for the creativeness, for the challenge…however noone likes to challenge the walking dead so the idea is to step back and snap some life back into you. Take a break…have a kitkat! Enjoy a weekend away, don’t think of the project, go crazy with your friends. Here I’ll go ahead and quote Siza who quoted Aalto ‘sometimes something else that you do might give you the idea of how to go forward with what you were initially doing’ [you can watch the Siza interview here, but don’t go on a youtube endless circuit afterwards…exams are coming! :P].


And now that I’ve done my supposed self proclaimed duty of being the encouraging voice inside your head, I will go ahead and enjoy the rest of this lovely Sunday afternoon, with something completely unrelated to architecture and surrounded by cake because that’s what weekends are for.

Until next time!


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