The thesis has landed…I repeat, the thesis has landed!

So after a couple of sleepless nights, mixing up the bag of flower for the cereal pack, officially naming coffee my bff [although I still don’t like its taste], and being nano-metrically close to killing my laptop, we have done it! The Report has been submitted.

If you’ve been following my blog before, you have an initial idea about what’s going on. Otherwise, you can check out previous posts here.  Therefore, I’ll dive straight into the juicy and smart sounding part with this one :P.

Aside its strategic placement on site and the institution it houses [which is a hybrid between the National Art Museum and a Culture House for Art], the proposal of the Art Hub triggers the start of a relevant discussion about how the future of the Greenlandic Culture will be shaped, and to what extent will local traditions be embraced in a modern development [this is a very short sum-up cause my fingers hurt from so much writing already, however if you’d like to read more about this discussion and the reality that comes with the integration of these marginal peoples of the north into modernity, check out the entire study on Issuu].


A wise man [or so I call him, as his belief totally promotes the concept of my thesis] once argued that:

‘By creating ‘a view’, ‘a destination’ and ‘an event’,
a platform opens up and reinvents itself as a place for cultural consumption in a novel way’.

This exact approach, has been the vision that shaped up the project. Therefore, Nuuk Art Hub carries its role in society by responding to the Inuit’s ambition of taking charge of their own future. The intention is achieved by accommodating the means through which the locals express their desire: Art. The local artistic movement, as well as the intention of the Municipality to develop a new National Gallery for the city, are therefore brought together under the same roof, establishing the function of the new proposal as a cultural event. So here comes the cherry of the social sustainability aspect: the uniqueness of this function of the Art Hub, is that it promotes knowledge by fusing together three main programmes: the informative [National Gallery], the lucrative [the workshop spaces], as well as the educative [the classrooms]. Hence, the proposal will sustain a good platform for the development of an informed community.


Situated on the waterfront of the fjord, on raised ground, the natural topography of the place proposes the site as emblematic for the city. The building is placed on the edge of the cliff, as to make full use of the site’s potential, thus being perceived as a landmark not only at a socio-cultural level, but also visually, when seen from both the waterfront, and the main access street. Although having a unique and very distinctive identity, the building becomes an integrated part of the natural scene by immersing into the ground.Section_Cross section.jpg

And having said these, I have realised that my uniqueness has overstayed her welcome and should wrap it up for this posts, and save something for later.

Have a nice weekend guys, and try not to become glow in the dark red from all the tanning you’re doing 🙂

[p.s. if you’re looking for something to read while at the beach, make sure to check out the presentation report for Nuuk Art Hub here, or if you’re just in the mood to look at some pictures, you can see all the presentation material for the project by clicking here]



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