caliM E

Today I am proud to say I’m a Copenhagen based architect, with quite a restless approach to life. However, when I begun putting my thoughts down on [the 20th century version of] paper, I was a 3rd year BA Architecture student at the University of Lincoln, UK. You all probably know [and if you don’t yet, you will soon enough] how reverberant the last months of your thesis/dissertation are. Therefore, in order to make order in my chaotic repository of thoughts I have decided to make a storyline of my journey, pin pointing the stages of my project.

Today, I still find comfort and order in scribbling my thoughts on virtual paper, and sharing my experience with others. However, since clients are not always keen on having the entire world see their projects ahead of time, this blog will take a slightly different turn. Therefore, it will not focus on my particular work, but will tell the story of different architectural endeavors that I come across .


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